Friday, February 28, 2014

Journal Entry #10

Moving Along: House on market 151 days. Ugh. Moving date is still up in the air - still haven't found a place in AZ. Hoping for end of April. I keep praying.

Reading: Finished Tess. Such a good book. I believe I first read it when the Roman Polanski movie adaption was released, I would have been 15. Full of symbolism, it would be fun book to study in college. I can see how Tess was symbolically Eve - having sin trust upon her and living as a fallen woman. Eve (Tess) is ultimately redeemed by blood, but taking matters into her own hands, she is her own redeemer. Or perhaps it is a nod to the Douay-Rheims Genesis 3:15. Maybe this is why it is considered a feminist novel. Interesting how the religious climate in England (Anglican, Calvinist, Methodist, Deist) are portrayed in the men she encounters, and how each of them is unforgiving, or perceived to be - failure of Grace in the church. The baptism of Sorrow was a particularly moving moment in the book (Genesis 3:16). Got me teary eyed.

Just started O Pioneers! by Willa Cather. Another book about a strong woman. First time read.

Out my Window: Still cold. Below zero every night. Deep snow. Icy roads. Agony. Probably the coldest winter I have lived through.

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