Friday, November 2, 2007

Ten Simple Rules...

Candy at Keeping the Home has brought up the 10 commandments and how in her opinion (since she cites no source) the RCC "eliminated" a commandment. In fact, it is the PROTESTANTS who eliminated a commandment, not the RCs, not the Lutherans nor the Orthodox.

The 1st Commandment as known by the Jewish people, and therefore as Jesus knew it is:

I. I am the Lord thy God.

Where is that one on Candy's list???? Ohhhhhhh, it's in the "preface" and no longer part of the commandments.


Take at look at the chart on Wikipedia. Take at look at Candy's chart here.

Seems to me that "God's 10 Commandments" should include all ten even if they differ in division.

And as for the "...they can now justify praying to Mary,..." etc etc. What's the source? Where is the smoking gun?


Kelly said...

She cut and pasted that chart straight from the Jesus Is Lord website, so that's her source.

Sue Bee said...

I finally got over to Jesus is Lord dot com.

Cool! It's like a web version of a really bad street preacher!!

Conspiracy theories, untold secrets, Biblical prophecies (and lots and lots of prooftexting!)... It's the "National Enquirer" for fundamentalists!

There's gotta be something about space aliens there...

Kelly said...

I had the SAME thought! Although it's a little scary that so many people seem to think it's "a really great site!"

I don't know about aliens, but I'm pretty sure I saw a geo-centrism article . . .