Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Solas explained

This is from an article by Rev. Timothy Kinne in The Lutheran Witness, page B, October 2007.

"Sola Scriptura - by Scripture alone means we believe that the truth of the message of salvation is found nowhere else than in the inspired text of the Holy Scriptures. Sola Gratia - by Grace alone means we believe that the reality of salvation is given to us only by the grace or undeserved love of God in Christ Jesus - and not by anything we have done. Sola Fide - by Faith alone means we believe that only by the power of the Holy Spirit, working through the Word of God, is one drawn into a faith relationship with the Lord.

...Eternal salvation in heaven is not based on me and what I may have done or not done. Rather my salvation is based only on what Jesus Christ has done for me."

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