Friday, March 14, 2014

Journal Entry #12

Weighty Matters: I've cut back a bit and have kinda watched my eating but the scale hasn't budged. When I was younger that would have been enough to shed a few pounds. Not so anymore. I started exercising a little - some stretching and strength exercises. Oh was I sore earlier this week! Feeling better now so I should probably up the intensity.

Moving Along: Still at a stand still. All we need is a place to rent. Sounds so easy, but turns out it is not.

Lent: I like the Lutheran Hour Ministries devotion this year. Seems to be just what I need to hear. Putting my measly problems in perspective.

On My Needles: I need to finish my second sock! It is starting to get warm out and if I am to get any use from them this year I need to get it done.

Book: Still reading O Pioneers! Almost done. I went on pioneer story binge a few years ago and I should have read this then, I'm not as into it now. But it is still a good read. Not sure what I'm going to read next. Maybe some non-fiction.

Out My Window: Melting snow. Saw a flock of geese and a bald eagle this week. There must be some open water nearby. Maybe the Mississippi has broke up a bit. Colder air this weekend and snow expected next week. Not done with winter yet.

In the Kitchen: Dinner tonight was stuffed shells, garlic bread and salad. Dee-Lish! No wonder I'm not losing weight. ;-)

Prayers: For my kids, for my husband who is traveling internationally, for my in-laws health problems. Praying for the families of those aboard that missing plane - how scary! Praying for the protection of the unborn. Praying for our church. Thanksgiving for milder weather, a home and food, and a Savior who rescued me even though I don't deserve it. Praying for those who are homeless and hungry and those who haven't heard the Gospel. Amen.

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