Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sixty Years Back In Time

I have a small collection of old books. Mostly children's books and a few women's books too. Recently I bought 2 high school text books from the 1950s at a garage sale. They are Your Marriage and Family Living (1954) and Personal Adjustment Marriage and Family Living (1950). They are more "Sociology" than "Home Economics." The photographs and illustrations are a delight! The content is sometimes surprisingly liberal and not as old fashioned as I expected.

From page 218 Your Marriage and Family Living:

In our great grandparents' time the husband was a patriarch who ruled his family and provided for it. The wife was an obedient helpmate who confined her interests to home and children. Marriage today is approaching the ideal of equality between husband and wife. By discussing problems together, sharing views, sacrificing self-interest, they try to help each other realize the goals for which each strives.

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