Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Vegas, Baby!

My dear husband surprised me on our 20th wedding anniversary with a long weekend vacation in Las Vegas. He arranged plane tickets, hotel reservations and (most importantly) his parents coming to stay with our kids!

We didn't go on a honeymoon (fresh from college we were far too poor) and have only been away from our children overnight 4 times. The last time was 12 years ago.

Needless to say, I am very excited. We don't gamble, so we won't spend much time in the casinos. The plans are to sightsee, maybe see a show, sleep late, and sit by the pool and sip frozen drinks.

I've got a million things to do between now and flight time. I'll be back to blogging sometime next week.


Unashamed said...

I've been watching your counter count down...hope you both have a FAB time!!

Unashamed said...

How did you attract a fan club? Wow. Just never know, huh?

So, are you back yet???

Sue Bee said...

I am back...well rested and little tan.

Not sure how or why this little blog is getting the attention that it is. Very ironic!

I feel a little like Saul/Paul, kwim?