Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Back from Vacation

Had a great time in Vegas. The weather was hot; mid to upper 90s, crystal clear blue skies. A welcome change from cloudy, rainy, and cool Minnesota. The weather alone made the trip worthwhile.

We did a lot of sightseeing and window shopping, plus a little real shopping for souvenirs. Saw some free/cheap lounge acts - no big shows. Although they were free, they were very good. Ate at some very nice restaurants. Slept late. Lounged by the pool and enjoyed a Mojito or two. Gambled just a little (combined we spent less than $20 on casino games).

The service in Vegas was excellent. The cab drivers and hotel, restaurant and store personnel were all very helpful and friendly. I felt so pampered!

Vegas is a city of contrasts - beautiful buildings, sculptures, lights, fountains and weather; but also a lot of sleaze and vice of every kind. I suppose that is true of every city - but in Vegas it is not so subtle. There is nothing subtle about Las Vegas.

The kids and grandparents had a good time together - everything went well at home.

Mr. Bee and I are convinced we need to do this sort of thing more often. :-)


concernedcitizen said...

I am jealous! You do need to do it more often. I am a firm believer that couples need to have mini vacations away from day to day life for just the two of them.

Thursday's Child said...

Sounds like you had a blast. Definitely something you need to do more often. Seems like most of my vacations are without the husband but with the kids. Something not quite right about that one.

Unashamed said...

I've always been torn about going to Vegas. On one hand it looks like it would just be so fantastic to see, but on the other hand I kinda feel like I would be going into the den of iniquity, kwim? I'm glad you guys enjoyed yourselves. Don't wait so long until your next trip alone!!

Benjamin said...

It is only that way, if you make it that way. There is tons to do there and none of it has to do with sin!