Friday, March 7, 2008

and had it not three corners...

Candy blogged this week about 1 Corinthians 11 and Christian women wearing headcovering. I'm generally in agreement with her and with the comments made by KH. It's audiaphora.

When I was a little kid the oldest old ladies wore hats to church every Sunday. I liked that. I wanted to grow up and wear pretty hats too. A hat to match every outfit. I definitely did not associate their "headcovering" with submission. It was fashion.

And there lies my problem with headcovering. I think Amish/Mennonite prayer caps are adorable. I'd love LOVE to wear one of those black bonnets. I'd look so darn cute! And no bad hair days. And no my-roots-need-touching-up days! Woo-hoo! If I wore a scarf, veil or hijab I'd have dozens of colors, styles and patterns to coordinate with my blouses and sweaters. Accessories!! Yes, my heart races at the thought of it!!

Obviously my heart nor head is in the "right place" on this headcovering issue. I can't get passed the aesthetic feelings. And besides that, my husband would think I'm loony.

My headcovering is this: a knit stocking cap. It is 7 degrees below zero on my thermometer. At my age practicality trumps fashion.

Last thought -- we should not be looking in the mirror for holiness. It isn't in long hair, dresses or headcoverings.

We should look to the cross on Golgatha.

...There is only one who is good....
Have a blessed day.

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