Monday, June 12, 2017

I've Been Thinking About You

Started to feel like writing again but my thoughts are too scattered to compose anything truly "blog-worthy." I'm mired in perimenopause. For me it isn't so much hot-flashes as it is brain fog, night sweats and much, much worse PMS. Plus my periods have decided every 3 weeks is a good schedule to keep. So my cycle pretty much goes like this:

Week 1 - Period, Night Sweats, Brain Fog (first 3 days)
Week 2 - Feeling Good!
Week 3 - PMS, Brain Fog, Anxiety, Bloating
Rinse & Repeat.

Presently I'm in Week 3.

Trying to eat better and get more exercise - it really does make a difference. But once the PMS sets in it is really hard to dig myself out of the big, black hole of lethargy.

Sorry to be such a Debby Downer but right now I am in the Debby Downer season of my life. All those years where my cycle was like clockwork and PMS was a titch of moodiness, yeah, I'm paying for it now.

What I have realized, but not fully embraced, is that what worked no longer works and I must not only try something new but fully embrace and change to doing new things. Different things. Like regular exercise. Going to bed on time every night. No caffeine at all, ever. Lots and lots and lots of fiber - truckloads. Gallons of water.

Oh, hormones, you are wicked masters.

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