Monday, June 23, 2014

Journal Entry #16

Out My Window: Sunny & hot. Such predictable weather here in AZ. This is Monsoon Season, the time of year we are suppose to get some rain. Nothing so far.

Desert Life: I'm learning bit by bit about living in this arid climate. I was worried about dehydration because I'm not a fan of drinking water, but I've learned I like water much more with some cucumber slices in it. I'm staying hydrated fairly well, but my little daughter, Sally, seems to get a little dehydrated most days and needs reminders to drink some water.

Bible Study: Finished Wisdom and started Sirach, another book of proverbs. Some good verses:
  • For fear is nothing else but unfaithfulness to thinking helpful things. (Wisdom 17:11)
  • The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and was created with the faithful in the womb, and walks with elect women, and is known by the just and the faithful. (Sirach 1:16)
Moving: It's been hard on the kids. They are unhappy here. Lucy, our oldest, started a new job today. She is a social worker and got a CPS position. Charlie thinks he is going to move in with a friend from high school who lives in Tempe (we'll see). Linus has been sleeping or playing video games. Sally watches TV. School will start for Linus and Sally on August 7. Hate to wish away summer but I am tired of watching them mope around.

In the Kitchen: It is Mexican Monday and we are having chicken tacos, rice and salad.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Journal Entry #15

Outside My Window: Another hot & sunny day in the Sonoran Desert! :) We arrived in Tucson on April 30th. What a trip! We crossed Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and southern Arizona. It took 5 days and I hope I never have to drive it again. I do not have what it takes to be a long-haul trucker.

I am enjoying the desert so far. The mountains are beautiful and the landscape is interesting. We have flowers and grass and lots of birds and lizards. It is very alive and vibrant.

Weighty Matters: I am down 4.4 pounds! Stress is less, weather is great, activity is up, eating better and feeling better. The best I have felt in months.

Reading: Things got crazy and my e-book expired before I read very much of it. I'll try to get it again later. Not reading anything currently. Still have boxes to unpack, not quite settled yet.

Scripture: I have been reading Wisdom (or Wisdom of Solomon) from time to time. I'm finding it is much like Proverbs. Some verses I've highlighted:

Those who trust in Him, will understand the truth, and those who are faithful in love will rest in Him, because grace and peace is for His elect. (3:9)

For the Lord will not exempt anyone's character, nor will He stand in awe of anyone's greatness, because He Himself made the little and the great, and He is equally concerned for everyone. (6:8)

For instead of a fountain, even everlasting in flow, you gave human blood to the unjust, and while they would be crushed into disgrace because of the murdering of infants, you unexpectedly gave your own abundant water, (11:7-8)