Monday, July 21, 2014

Journal Entry #17

Out My Window: Clouds & sun. Serious heat on the way this week - 110s!

State of the State: Today is Charlie's 21st birthday. A friend from MN flew down to celebrate with him. Kids are still moping around the house, but luckily it is time to get ready to go back to school. Supplies to get, new clothes to buy. Linus has freshman registration next week. It'll be good for all of us for school to start - including me.

Kirche: We haven't settled on a new home church yet. We have been visiting 3: 1. A large LCMS. 2. A large WELS. 3. A very small LCMS.  There are advantages/disadvantages to each.

Large LCMS
Pros: 4 services to choose from, 2 traditional; Many service & fellowship opportunities; Personable pastor; Pews super comfortable; Nice welcome basket (coffee mugs!)
Cons: The altar looks like a stage (drum kit, mics, projection screens); Do not kneel for communion during some services;
In-between: Linus & Sally were the only kids at the traditional Sunday service; Protestant-like sermon series - not preaching on the Gospel.

Large WELS
Pros: 4 services, 2 traditional; Close to our home; Friendliest greeting of those we visited; Pretty church;
Cons: It would be a denominational change; Communion twice monthly
In-between: Linus & Sally two of only three kids at traditional service; Different liturgy;

Small LCMS
Pros: Liturgical; Pretty church;
Cons: One service; Farthest from home
In-between: Not just our kids in worship; Uses 1-year lectionary

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