Sunday, March 3, 2013

True Proverbs 31 Women

I can trace my husband's family on his father's side back to Ellis Island c1908 when his first Russian ancestors arrived in the United States. They settled in Milwaukee. His Great-Grandmother worked in a factory. As did his Great-Grandfather. His Grandfather was a butcher who owned his own shop. His Grandmother worked at the shop too, running the counter up front while Grandfather cut meat in the back. That same Grandmother had grown up working as a sales girl in a dress shop. The dress shop was owned by her mother - she was the daughter of German immigrants (who were also shop owners) and had been abandoned by her husband.

And then there is my husband's mother's family (I don't know as much about this side). His Grandmother worked in a restaurant as a waitress. His mother co-owned and worked at a sporting goods store with his father.

These women were working outside the home, even 100+ years ago. They also had families, raised kids, attended church, kept house and stayed married.

And they didn't blog about it.

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