Friday, November 18, 2011

Last Thanksgiving

I wanted to post about this last year because I found it really very interesting, but then with the hub-bub of the holidays I forgot until another Thanksgiving rolled around again.

A Minnesota Family hosted Thanksgiving dinner for 32 people and the only thing store-bought was the salt. On the menu:
Venison roast with wild mushrooms
Pork roast with garden herbs
Wild turkey breast
Squirrel booya
Sweet and sour red cabbage and beets
Roasted potatoes with herbs
Baked squash with homemade butter
Corn on the cob
Green beans
Sautéed kale
Serviceberry pie
Boxelder syrup flan with a hazelnut crust
Rhubarb/serviceberry wine
Hard cider
Grape wine

The family that hosted the dinner didn't prepare everything, the guests (friends & family) pitched in many of the homegrown items for the meal. It took a ton of planning, but how cool is that?!

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