Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Song In My Heart This Sunday

What is this bread?
Christ’s body risen from the dead:
This bread we break,
This life we take,
Was crushed to pay for our release.
O taste and see–the Lord is peace.

What is this wine?
The blood of Jesus shed for mine;
The cup of grace
Brings His embrace
Of life and love until I sing!
O taste and see–the Lord is King.

So who am I,
That I should live and He should die
Under the rod?
My God, my God,
Why have You not forsaken me?
O taste and see–the Lord is free.

Yet is God here?
Oh, yes! By Word and promise clear,
In mouth and soul
He makes us whole–
Christ, truly present in this meal.
O taste and see–the Lord is real.

Is this for me?
I am forgiven and set free!
I do believe
That I receive
His very body and His blood.
O taste and see–the Lord is good.

Friday, July 16, 2010

This Is Intense

Children are baptized during a mass baptism ceremony in the town of Mtskheta outside Tbilisi, July 13, 2010. About 700 children were baptized by the Georgian Orthodox church during the 12th mass baptism ceremony led by Patriarch Ilia II. -- REUTERS

Monday, July 12, 2010


My fancy new scale gave me a sad wake-up call. I am what is known as Normal Weight Obese. (Insert loud, long, sad groan here).

What this means is my weight is within the norms for someone my height, and my BMI is in the normal range (22.4). But, my body fat measurement ain't what it should be. It should be mid-to-low 20s. It is 34%.

I'm like the package of bacon I wouldn't buy.

The good news is I don't need to diet. The bad news is I need to exercise.

I think I'll put up a ticker if I can find one and see how long it takes to lose 10% of the lard I'm packing.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Six of One/Half-Dozen of the Other

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