Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Candy Gone AWOL

My dear husband, Mr. Bee, likes watching pro-wrestling (but I love him anyway). In pro-wrestling quite often one of the stars will get "jumped" backstage or in the parking garage, or seemed to be seriously injured in the ring. Mr. Bee always assures me (& our littler kids) that if it is on camera it is a "work." That means it is scripted, planned, a part of the show. You see it because they want you to see it.

At first I thought Candy deleting her blog was a "work". She's done it before, only to put it back up after a couple of days. But this time seems a bit different, it isn't just the blog that's gone -- it's everything else (Facebook, PhotoBucket, etc.) too, even her husband's pages. Strange & more than a little creepy.

I have theories, but I'm not going to go there...what I want to say is that Real Life has a way of grabbing our attention when we are busy doing other things and I pray whatever has happened that no one is ill or has been harmed. Since it isn't a "work" then it really isn't any of my business, but I admit I am curious (yes, shame on me).

In a odd way Candy is like a friend, I feel she is someone I know fairly well having read her blog for the past several years. I disagree with her at times -- and agree with her at times! It'll be a weird blog-o-sphere without her.

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