Friday, August 21, 2009

Pray for the ELCA Congregations

Tough decisions ahead for many Lutherans.

ELCA votes to allow gay pastors.


sara said...

what do you think will happen? Would a new synod be formed? Or would disagreeing congregants join other, already existing synods?

Bit of a rabbit trail here: I don't remember the whole story, but I remember my Pastor (years ago) trying to explain why LCMS was not in fellowship with ELCA. I think it had something to do with whether or not the bible was considered the inerrant word of God. Maybe something about the book of James?

anyway, this is monumental and sad.

Sue Bee said...

I've been reading ELCA blogs tonight trying to get an idea of where it is going. There is a reform movement within the ELCA called Lutheran CORE ( They are planning to hold a convention next month. Could result in a schism & formation of a new synod.

The ELCA doesn't consider the Bible inerrant nor infalliable, ordains women, and is in communion with a number of other non-Lutheran denominations. They have little in common with the LCMS or WELS. Some argue they are not even Lutheran.

I'm feeling for the older generation, those that remember the catechism and were taught that Scripture had authority. No one likes to see their church fall apart.

Anyway, I was thinking...if Scripture has no authority and church tradition has no authority...then what does? Our conscience??? And what is our conscience formed by if not by His Word? TV?

(insert tired sigh here)