Wednesday, September 3, 2008

There's a Party Goin' on Right Here...

Did I mention I live about 30 mins from the Xcel Energy Center where the RNC is taking place?

I am generally "politically agnostic" (by which I mean cynical), but the combination of the proximity of the convention and Sarah Palin's nomination for VP has created an upsurge my interest in politics.

I'm looking forward to Palin's speech tonight...but dread the endless campaigning that will grow progressively more sleazy in the weeks to come until the Nov election.

Hat tip to Sara for just a few of the very thought provoking Palin discussions:
Ladies Against Feminism
Adventures in Mercy
Amy's Humble Musings


sara said...

ooooo Are you watching? Linda Lingle was a good speaker. We're watching Giuliani right now. Not big fans. (We're NYers so - we're allowed.)

sara said...

and thanks for the hat tip.

Sue Bee said...

Yep, watching as I type. At least Giuliani is funny.:)