Friday, August 22, 2008


A paint roller is a useful tool for painting large areas, such as walls.

A paint brush is used for smaller projects that require more care and attention to detail.
You shouldn't paint a portrait with a roller. It would look terrible if you tried. Someone who paints a portrait with a roller does so because he lacks respect for his subject. Doesn't care to study the subject and learn its details. Is unconcerned with how the subject will react to the portrait.

A person who paints a portrait with a roller also lacks respect for his audience. He assumes his audience lacks the intelligence to see the difference between a paint brush and a roller.

An example of painting with too broad a brush: The Difference between Protestant and Catholic Christians.
Addendum: You can read the whole of the article here: Why Catholics and Protestants Don't See Eye to Eye. (Thanks, Elena!)


sara said...

*sigh of relief* yes.

sara said...

oh and some Baptists ARE Reformed. I think you live near Bethlehem Baptist? That's a good example. The whole "unconditional election" thing is sort of the antithesis of "decision theology."

Sue Bee said...

Egg on my face! Some Reformed are Baptists - including Bethlehem Baptist. PLUS - although Presbyterians and most Reformed practice infant baptism they don't regard it as a sacrament?! At least according to wikipedia. My bad.

However, Irresistible Grace (the I in TULIP) is about as far from decision theology as one can get.

Sue Bee said...

Anita - I agree with you 100%. :-)

sara said...

right right right - I should have said irresistible grace.

I guess they probably call it an ordinance?

Unashamed said...

If memory serves, Reformed consider baptism a sign and a seal but not a sacrament in the way that Lutherans would consider it.

Sue Bee said...

We have friends who are Presbyterian and I know they had their children baptized as infants so I assumed it was sacramental. Oops! And I swear I read or heard somewhere that Presbyterians considered prayer to be a sacrament. Memory not serving me so well these days. ;-)

Further proof protestants aren't one size fits all.

sara said...

BTW, when I saw the pictures, I thought I was about to read about all the domestic chores you had accomplished this week. Funny, huh?

Sue Bee said...

Me? Accomplish domestic chores?! ROFL :-D