Tuesday, April 15, 2008

And now a word from the Lutherans...

There were Lutheran commentors on Candy's Keeping the Home blog!! On April 7th Candy posted an entry titled "The Whore of Babylon." Among the comments she received were messages from Caroline - former ELCA member, Deb - ELCA member, and Rebecca - WELS member. By the way, I am a LCMS Lutheran.

The comment from Rebecca is the one I find most distressing. This is what she wrote:

It is funny how this post came up, and people are talking about different denominations.I was baptised as a baby, and starting at age 12 I was brought up Lutheran. Lately I have been wondering whether the teachings of this church are correct in regards to infant baptism and communion. I go to a Wisconsin synod church, which is very conservative. If any are willing to comment on why these teachings are true or false I would be grateful. Oh, and please reference bible passages with your answers. I believe that the bible is the ONLY standard for a christian to make decisions on! Thank you,

I find this troubling because 1) The WELS members I know are so well catechized I am genuinely surprised to find one questioning either of these issues. 2) Candy being Candy there is no way a response in favor of infant baptism or communion would ever be published. And 3) There is no link to Rebecca's homepage or I would gladly write to her and explain why the teachings of WELS regarding infant baptism and communion are TRUE and BIBLICAL. There are so many links that I could share with her.

Hmmmm...what to do?....what to do?....

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Unashamed said...

I know just how you feel. I've been beating that drum on my own blog, trying to overcome the misconceptions that are out there regarding infant baptism (and really baptism in general).

It's especially distressing though to hear someone who should (presumably) know better question what we know to be true. Last year I had a student in my grade 5 Sunday School class who talked about being saved when she invited Jesus into her heart. I was flabbergasted. Her parents are both mature Christians and well catechised so I knew that it wasn't coming from them. It turns out she was going to an after school non-denom church program and that's where she picked up that error. I guess my point is, the error that's out there all around us can and does creep in. I hope you have an opportunity to connect with Rebecca and talk to her.