Monday, January 14, 2008

More thoughts on "getting" saved

Expanding my vocabulary:

Monergism - God alone is the one who saves and that humans have no active role in coming to faith (conversion). God creates faith and causes the unbeliever to become a believer without any merit, worthiness, or cooperation on the person's part.

Synergism - humans have some role to play in conversion and being saved, and people in some way "work together" with God to bring this about in individual lives. Synergists treat faith as something the sinner comes up with in response to and in cooperation with God's grace. Faith is ultimately being treated as a cause or condition of salvation, a part of the cooperative effort that the human being is to some degree responsible for.

Also, here is another comparison of Theology of Glory with Theology of the Cross.


Unashamed said...

Hey Sue, take a listen to this if you have the time

It's Pastor Bill Cwirla on the Theology of the Cross. Good, good stuff. Enjoy!

Sue Bee said...

Thank you! That was great. What a coincidence that he spoke on this last Sunday -- maybe he reads my blog! (JUST KIDDING)